Operations User Group – student feedback (February meeting)

Many thanks to the student representatives who attended the Operations User Group meeting in W2.01 on Friday 25th February.

Below are the information & library-related questions/suggestions (in green) and my responses (in italics):

When are the Mezzanine lights going to be fixed?
A decision has now been taken to replace all the lights. I do not yet have a date as to when this will happen.

It is too hot on the Mezzanine.
We will check and turn down the thermostat. Its very difficult to regulate the temperature to everyone’s satisifaction.  One of the reps in the meeting stated that they preferred it to be warm.

Why had I not heard about the new locker scheme?
Because we’ve only just launched it. A number of lockers can now be hired at the Information Centre desk. For further details see this blog post.

There are not enough core textbooks for the MST course.
This is the first time that we have received this complaint. An email will be sent to the MSTs to establish extent of problem and in the short term more copies purchased of the human resources title mentioned.  

The keyboards on the Mezzanine are too noisy can these be replaced?
Markham Furness of the IT team took this action point away to discuss with the IT Manager.

Can all operations departments make sure that MPhils who continue on to PhD are properly catered for and don’t ‘fall between the cracks’
Speaking for the Information & Library team we recognise this problem and always try to be as flexible about this as possible.

N.B. Many more comments and suggestions were made by respondents to our recent survey. These comments and my responses to them are recorded in the survey report (PDF), published on 25th February.