Economic & Country Data

“Need Chile’s GDP or the population of Hungary?”

world_economyKey Resources

Passport GMID

Roubini Global Economics


First Steps

Passport GMID provides country-specific, full-text reports and data from around the world; try their regular Country Pulse articles to stay informed.

Roubini Global Economics produces daily analysis of the global economy in the form of Critical Issues and Briefings, as well as regular analysis and strategy outlooks each month. You can access this resource from the Business Information Centre.

Bloomberg , through its ECST function and other codes provides access to key, global economic statistics from around the world which can easily be exported for further analysis. Access economic forecasts and the world economic calendar from our dedicated dual screen terminals in the BIC.

EBSCO provides detailed country profiles from the Economist Intelligence Unit, OECD and Global Insight.

Adding Depth

Finally, through ESDS (Economic and Social Data Service), find an extensive range of key economic and social data from Eurostat, IMF, OECD, UNIDO and the World Bank.

EconLit provides full-text articles from leading economic journals.

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us, find us at the Information Point, or visit the Business Information Centre.  Or consult one of the guides below: