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    First Steps

    Factiva provides full-text, archival access to the biggest names in news. Read top titles like the WSJ, the FT, as well as national and local media from across the globe. Delve deeper trade journals and magazines.

    Get business news as it breaks with Bloomberg’s realtime rolling business headlines, available from our dedicated dual-screen terminals.

    Adding Depth

    EBSCO and ProQuest deliver an extensive range of trade publications to support your research

    Preparing for an interview? News sources should be a key part of your research. Uncover the latest company and industry sector news, analyse competitors and products and find out more about key board members and personnel. For more tips on adding value to your interview preparations download our pre-interview checklist.

    Need Help?

    Feel free to contact us, find us at the Information Point, or visit the Business Information Centre.  Or consult one of the guides below:


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